Socks & Shoes Off: Tora Black Belt Academy

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Socks & Shoes Off is a gentle, heartwarming documentary about Tora Black Belt Academy. An unusual karate club in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, run by a formidable yet inspiring woman, who encourages everyone from toddlers to grannies to take their socks and shoes off and learn karate together.

Put the kettle on, make a cup of tea, then curl up on the sofa and spend an hour with the empowering Trieda, her team of massively motivated Mum's & Dad's, and their troop of amazingly awesome kids.

Starring the many members of Tora Black Belt Academy

Written, Produced and Directed by Julie Robinson

Full Credits Below

Socks & Shoes Off was shot in North Lanarkshire, Scotland over the Summer of 2014 and completed in Jun 2015.
It can be viewed online here:


14th Jun 2015 at St Patrick's Church, Coatbridge
Private screening for contributers & crew

15th Sep 2015 at The Newlands Centre, Romannobridge
Official Selection - Deep Fried Film Festival

Full Credits

Writer, Producer & Director:

Julie Robinson

Camera Operator, D.O.P & Editor:

Allen McLaughlin

Camera Operator:

Jenni Wilson

Sound Recordist & Dubbing Mixer:

Ross Blackmore


Steve Malcolmson


Gail Loughran


Trieda Henderson

Liam Henderson

Zarah Henderson

C.J. Henderson

Kirstin McNally

Jenna McNally

Emma McNally

Rebecca Lally

Ryan Morgan

Paula Cheyne

Natasha Cheyne

Courtney Cheyne

Fiona Morgan

Erin Morgan

Sian Morgan

David Foye

Elaine Foye

Matthew Foye

Tom O'Neill

Rachel O'Neill

Erika Crosbie

Eric Crosbie

Campbell Kennedy

Yvonne Addison

Audrey Leckie

Lauren Leckie

Matthew Robertson

Isobel Dunn

John Dunn

Cora Fagan

Kayley Sim

Tommy Douglas